Huntersville Dentist Ingenious Remedies for Enamel Erosion

Published: 03rd March 2011
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The outer shell of the tooth is called enamel. The teeth are protected from the stresses of daily activity like eating and biting with the help of enamel. This tough covering is in fact the hardest tissue in the body. But of course, it is still vulnerable to chipping and cracking. Enamel keeps the teeth safe from extreme temperature and other painful stimuli. This shell can get stained by beverages like coffee, tea, juices and wines. Tooth enamel is also stained by smoking. Treatments are available for stained enamel but chipped and cracked enamel cannot be repaired.

Why does tooth erosion occur?
Enamel can be made to wear away by the effects of acid on the teeth. This can happen when you drink excessive quantities of soft drinks. High levels of citric acid and phosphoric acid are contained in colas and lemon-based beverages for example. Acids in fruit-based drinks can also wear away tooth enamel.

The teeth of people who suffer from acid reflux disease which is when stomach are brought back into the mouth can also suffer from tooth erosion. The corrosive nature of these stomach acids can be high. Production of saliva in the mouth can be lower in people who have xerostomia or dry mouth. Acids that can attack tooth enamel can be washed away by saliva. When there is a reduced quantity of saliva production, these acids are free to attack the enamel. Increase in the rate of enamel erosion can occur from a high sugar diet that includes plenty of starchy food like bread and potatoes. Medications like antihistamine and aspirin can wear away enamel. A genetic predisposition can cause enamel erosion to occur in some cases.

Treating Tooth Erosion At Home
The best treatment for enamel erosion is to treat it.
• Rinse your mouth after eating certain foods like tomatoes, lemons and other fruits habitually.

• By eating plenty of raw greens you can counter the effects of tea, coffee, beverages and acidic foods.

• Through straws is the best way to sip colas without swirling it around your mouth. Your teeth should have as little contact with the colas as possible.

• To strengthen your teeth, use fluoridated toothpaste and also fluoridated dental products.

• Every morning before breakfast, take a teaspoon of sunflower oil and swirl it in your mouth. The oil should not be swallowed. Spit out after a few minutes. As a remedy for enamel erosion, this newer way is catching on. Sesame oil seems to work just as well, although any other oils are not recommended. This technique supposedly has a number of benefits for your teeth including strengthening the enamel and preventing erosion and it is called oil pulling.

• Do daily brushing and flossing.

• Cut down on snacking and drink plenty of water.

• Chew sugar free gum to boost saliva production.

• Dental sensitivity is the biggest fallout of tooth erosion. Use desensitizing toothpaste to cope with this.

• Placing a small dab of desensitizing toothpaste, and leaving it overnight, on the affected area is a good idea. The next morning, rinse it and repeat for a few weeks. The sensitivity, you might notice, will be getting less intense.

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